Pimpin' Quotes

"Carry a cane to keep 'em sane... cuz crazy-ass Ho's don't make no dough!"
- Bad Boy Ike
"Pimp-in ain’t easy... so keep your Ho’s sleazy and you know they'll keep your fingers greasy."
- Big Bo$$ Player
"Slide in my ride and lets roll for the stroll."
- Big Platinum Pimp
"Room is the key when you hung to the knee."
- Gold Member
"To Pimp a Ho, or not... That ain't the question. The question is: How many Hos to make a knot?"
- The Don Lebrone
"Keep those Hos nice... and they’ll keep you in ice."
- Big Dollar Leroy
"Can't be simp-in when you out street pimp-in!"
- Pimptacular Pete
"Keep your pimp hand strong and your girls working long."
- Smok'n Sherm Williams
"Ain't no bidness like the Ho bidness!"
- Sweet Sugar Brown
"Slap that Ho like a domino."
- Two Tight Jackson
"I stack my loot from head to boot... and trick my Ho's from head to toe."
- Tyrone Feelsom